Hovertanks Soon!

We are getting off the ground, to reach higher than average earthbound tanks or APCs. Soon you will find a new line of hovercrafts.

Stag Medium Hovertank and Mosstrooper APC will join our armored forces in a few weeks. These will be the first of a new line, so expect more of hovering war machines along with other standard assets necessary to wage a war.

Stag Medium Hovertank

Armed with two medium-sized energy projectors, Stag is still a very versatile unit. Thanks to vector engines and additional hover-boosters, this medium tank makes an excellent and swift solution to the battlefield.

Mosstrooper APC

Mosstrooper is an advanced version of well known Armadillo APC, but this one is equipped with vectored jet engines. No terrain is too hard to reach! In addition Moostrooper will introduce new turret compatible with Armadillo system.

Expect them… in a not so distant future!

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